DYI: Dryer Sheets

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Hey everyone!

I want to share a trick with you,that may save you a nice amount of money! And hey... Will make your house smell so yummy in the process!

Materials Needed: + Dish towels + Favorite liquid dryer softener + a bowl + Scissors + a place to let these dry for 3-4 hours

This is one of the easiest things I've ever made! These save money & my whole family loves them!

*Make sure you use bright colored wash clothes- this will help prevent them getting lost in your pile of clothing!*

1) Get a couple dish towels 2) depending on the size; either cut them in half, or in quarters! 3) Grab your bowl and pour some liquid softener on the bottom of the bowl. 4) take half the pile and put it in the bowl & make sure they are all soaked in the softener! 5) put the rest of the pile in the bowl,and soak the rest of them! -THEN! Let them sit in the bowl for +2 hrs! Once you've let them soak, ring them all out. You don't want there to be any liquid dripping off the towel.

- Find somewhere to hang dry your *About to be dryer sheets*! If you find somewhere inside... It makes that part of the house smell SOO good!! Yum! :-)

-Once they are COMPLETELY dry, they are ready for use! You just pop one in, like you would with a regular dryer sheet!

**They last 10-12 washes!!** Once they are all used... Make a new batch! It's that simple! :-)

Just like this!:

Come back again! For more tricks & tips! Love, Heather Lynn www.hopeforyourcause.org

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