How to get ready for a Photoshoot

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How To: Get ready for a Photo shoot!

Some may already know, but I was a model for almost 4 years before my injury!

I learned so much in those 4 years .. It's time to share it with you!

**The prep work for a photo shoot is just as important as doing the photo shoot, if not more important!**

If you dont look or feel good while your at the shoot, it affects your photo’s big time!

-Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep (especially the night before) and you are eating healthy.


I’ve heard of so many models who do that! I’ve even seen it on t.v! -I’ve been going through some health issues lately, and at my last shoot I didn’t eat before hand because my stomach was killing me. I felt so weak, and I didn’t want to be there. You can see that through your face in your photo’s! If your that worried about bloating, make sure your eating stuff with low sodium the day of the shoot. And drink plenty of water.

Do your research!

If your shooting with a designer, google them! -Look at their past designs,their style, how their models are posed* (very important), and their facial expressions.

( )

*If your doing a shoot to build your portfolio, your most likely doing a TFCP or “Time for”. Meaning, the photographer doesn’t pay you,and you don’t pay them. -The photographs are supposed to benefit both of you. -In which case, you will most likely be doing your own hair,make up,and wardrobe!

Don't freak out lol. Once again, just do your research.

**I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you go to and search Kandee Johnson.**

She is AMAZING!! She makes everything so much fun and interesting, while your learning how to apply different looks!

Same goes for hair, you can different looks, experiment,etc.

What did I do?

Marilyn Monroe is my favorite fashion Icon, so I did a lot of research on her. Kandee Johnson shows you how to do her make up! I was able to learn MM’s technique for make up, hair, & wardrobe online…. It was fun and easy!

Pick your favorite icon and try to do their signature look! I’d love to see them!!

~**Now- you focus on you!**~

1) Shower lol… shave, wash your hair… yadda yadda

2) Brush your teeth.. Use the toothpaste with whiting in it

3) Wash,tone,moisturize your face

4) Lotion everywhere! I recommend getting *Jergens healthy glow* You do NOT turn orange, its gradual, and you have a nice glow!

Its all about detail! 1) Your nails 2) Hair color 3) Eye brows…etc!

> + When your toe nails are long... Most of the nail polish is chipped off... Then its time to pamper your self! Soak them in bath, with epson salts and lavender oil to exfoliate your feetsies! -Clip them - Smooth them over with a nail file! - Then! Pick a color that looks good with many things,relating to the shoot. Or stick to the safety color *darker red.* or a light pink!

- Next, your Finger nails! Believe it or not, this is an important one! Through out your shoot, you'll most likely be using your hands a lot while your posing. This all depends on the type of shoot your doing. -Designers are different about this as well.

Some want them natural, cut down with nothing (or a clear gloss). Others want them done, Safety= French Manicure.

**If your like me, and cant afford $40 every 2 weeks to get a manicure + fill… they sell fake nails at the store for %5-%7 dollars!** Cheesy right!?

Nope, Think again!

Ive been doing it for 2 years now, not only do I know a good way to put them on so they last longer than a week, but people would ask me ALL the time “Where do you get your nails done!? They look great!”

The answer? ”CVS” or "Rite aid!" haha. Just make sure you get the “short” length..

~Unibrows are not in style, and they never will be. Either will eyebrows that take up half your face.. Want to know where to go to learn how to do your own eye brows?? lol search: Kandee Johnson- eyebrows. So taught me!

-Last but not least, keep up with your hair. If you get your hair colored, make sure your roots are not down to your ears… -If you can’t get your roots fixed before a shoot, there are a couple tricks.. which I will cover in a post =)

**If your getting your hair and make up done on set**

1) Be on time…it takes them a while to do their work to make things perfect.

2) Show up with NO make up on and NO hair products in (unless they say otherwise). And I recommend wearing a button up shirt or a tank top..something you can easily change out of without messing up your hair and make up.

3) Be open to new things! Attitude comes a very long way in this industry. If the designer is hearing that your being a pain in the tush…they will not work with you again. Negative news spreads fast…

The #1 piece of advice I give all the time is:

Do not be a "Know-it-all". Do not be a negative Nancy. Be friendly and professional. If the photographer provides direction, TAKE IT! Why?

1) Who is the one looking at you? If a photographer is suggesting that you move to the right, or pose differently, it's because they know it will look good!

2) Remember they want to benefit from these photo's too, they'll only recommend what they think is best!

3) You have the chance to learn so much from photographers! I have participated in 45+ photo shoots, and I have learned something new at each shoot.

You will not last a week in the industry if you have a negative reputation.

Tip: Drink plenty of water while your on set too. You will be smiling and moving your mouth around a lot. Your mouth will get dry…fast. Which affects your expression, and makes you feel yucky. It also messes up your lip stick! lol.

(Ignore the website on the photo above)

-My thing is, its better to be over prepared than under prepared.. But bringing 5 bags to a shoot, and only wearing 3-4 outfits out of the 5 bags, gets annoying and time consuming. I am very guilty of this lol. But I am working on it!

*Try everything on at home first, you should even whip out your camera phone and take some photos with the outfit on, to see what it looks like.

*Try to pack your top 8 outfits. That should be no more than 2 bags.

-Always bring your make up! (If there is an MUA, you should still bring your own foundation/cover up- To be on the safe side,color wise). As well as accessories for your hair/body, and Hair spray/brush for touch ups too!

Check back for more beauty, fashion, modeling posts!

If you have ANY suggestions for a blog post (How to's, DYI,etc) PLEASE leave a comment and let me know! I'd love to receive requests! Same goes for any questions.. please don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you!

<3 Heather Lynn

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