Recommend- Darling Lingerie!

Published on by amodelsmemo

If you are interested in getting some lingerie and other goodies..

I HIGHLY suggest you go to Melanie, from Darling Lingerie! !

Melanie, from Darling is AMAZING! In 2011, She drove over 2 hours to come to a calendar shoot and provided wardrobe for the promo shoot, I created.. she is awesome!

After working with us, She was offered the opportunity to go to VEGAS BABY! To help the infamous Edson Carlos with wardrobe! I love pin up! Ever since, her business keeps booming! Even opening her own store in PA!

Melanie- I am so happy for you!

Thank you! Heather Lynn

PS: if you recognize the awesome blonde holding the big gun on her site… that is sooo me! haha =) Have fun shopping ladies and gents!

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