HLynn's Treasure- Princess Heels

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**Heathers Treasure straight from the Bin!**

I bought these heels for a photo shoot that was planned a month after I broke my foot :-(

It was a *Cinderella* themed shoot too! I was so excited! These are hard to let go, they are my princess shoes! :-(

But! Now I can pass these on to another woman, so her inner Princess can come out to play... Purrrrr ;-) **May be perfect for Halloween**

These have NEVER been worn! (Obviously... The packaging is still on them)

These beautiful heels are from "Ellie shoes" & they're a size 8. I am selling them for the same price that I got them for.

~*They are $43 dollars*~ (Not including shipping)

Here is a collage that I made, showing the awesome heels!

(The Color is a shade of baby blue with white trim!)

I found this online earlier today, showing the price of the heels at a store, for reassurance ;-)

If you're interested, please contact me ASAP! First come first serve.

PayPal is currently the only payment option. Please email me at hope4yourcause@gmail,com.!

Thank you, Heather Lynn

PS: as I said on the first page; ALL profits made from items on this page will be going towards my medical treatments and expenses! For more info, please go to: www.Hopeforyourcause.org www.gofundme.com/LRTR2013

(CRPS/RSD is what I have - and need treatment for really bad, above are the 4 main "symptoms")


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