DYI: Magic Body Scrub!

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a special recipe that I use on myself, even with my CRPS! My whole family loves it as well!

*Health wise, it's one of the #1 things everyone should have in their household.*

What product is this,you ask? Epsom Salts!

The health benefits alone, are amazing. But Epsom salts can be used in your garden, hair & beauty products, etc.

Check out the information provided below: http://www.epsomsaltcouncil.org/articles/universal_health_institute_about_epsom_salt.pdf

Anyways! Lets get to the good part! ☺

~ I call it the "Miracle body scrub" 😉~ Not only is it great for your health! But you can make it feel like you're in a Spa! 🌸 Between the wonderful benefits of the Epsom Salts AND Dr. Bronner's lavender Magic Soap?! *It's a match made in heaven!*

*-A hand/foot scrub: by taking a couple scoops and rubbing it on your feet and/or hands. Then soaking your feet/hands in warm water for 10-15min.

*-A Detox bath: fill your bath tub up with warm/hot water. Add 5 scoops of the "Miracle Body scrub". And soak for 15min. (**I personally do this once a week. It truly helps with my arthritis in my lower back. And overall relaxes my whole body**)

- A Muscle relaxer: put 2 scoops of the scrub in a wash cloth. (Wet the wash cloth with warm water first. This way, the scrub can soak through the wash cloth & on to your skin) Put the wash cloth (with the scrub inside) on the muscle that aches for 15-20min. ** This is a great alternative for those of you who can't take baths**

* Shampoo: add one scoop to the shampoo you already use, and let it sit for 5-7min before you rinse it out! (**I recently tried this, and it works! I noticed a difference after my first time doing this! It looked and felt healthier!**)

*And those are just a few ways you can use it!*

Here are a few more!:

Now.... What is needed to make the Miracle Body scrub? These items: + Dr Bronners Magic Soap(Any scent- I love lavender for this!) (which you can find in Whole Foods, Roots, Even in Rite Aid! It's all over hehe! Or,head to his website. I provided his link at the end of this post!) :-) + Epsom salts (You can find a bag of Epsom salts at any grocery store/drug store! If you can't find any, ask the pharmacist!) + Mason Jar or a container to put the ingredients in! + A Spoon to mix the 2 ingredients together & to measure the "scoops"!

*My instructions:-Fill the Mason jar/Container with the Epsom salts, as much as you'd like for your batch! Take the Dr. Bronners and put 4 tablespoons in the jar & mix- it really depends on how big or small your batch is!(From there, add more Dr. Bronners if there is still Epsom salt that is not covered with lavender soap in the jar!) *It all depends on how much Epsom Salts you use! Don't worry, you can't use "too much" of either ingredient*

**More info about Dr. Bronners magic soaps! (I love this stuff!) ** http://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/LS.htm

More info about Epsom Salts!

Thank you all for checking this out! **I do have batches made and ready to go!**

If you're interested in grabbing some, please email me at hope4yourcause@gmail.com!

Love, Heather Lynn

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a sponsored post! I have been using both of these products together for years! The purpose of this post, is to share my personal favorite products to use! I am not getting paid or receiving any compensation for this recommendation. I am sharing my opinion, in hopes that it will help and/or inspire others! Thank you! :-)


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