My Beauty bag: Dry what? Shampoo?

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to share one of my favorite beauty products with you!

Ladies, this is a must have!!

It is also something that I recommend to people with chronic pain disorders. Living with chronic pain makes life extremely difficult to do anything! I have CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Otherwise known as RSD. (My personal blog regarding my life, and living with CRPS is!)

*One of the most painful things to do, that trigger horrible "flares", is to shower...*

There are many days when I can't shower, and I need to wash myself with a washcloth in the sink. I know 100% that I am not alone with this, many people with chronic pain disorders endure the same problems.

((NOTE: I will be sharing tips & tricks through out this blog that I feel many people will benefit from,relating to chronic pain and/or other disabilities))


*But! That's not the only reason I had to share this product!* Before I broke my foot in March of 2012, I was a published model and a brand ambassador for numerous companies! I loved being apart of the entertainment industry and I miss it so much!

*Did you know that it is not good to wash your hair everyday? -The natural oils that your body produces, is actually really good for your hair! - Also, the 2nd and 3rd day after you wash your hair, are always the best days to style it!

But who wants to walk around with "oily/greasy" hair? Even if it does style easier, it may not always look so nice...

*Well ladies... And Gentleman(who rock longer locks) ;-)* The answer? Dry Shampoo!

-In this post, I am going to show you how to use it (by using the same directions as the bottle). - I am also going to provide photos! Woot woot!

My mother came by my house with a basket full of items that I can use to help assist me with some of my everyday needs. -Living with CRPS is extremely hard. ANY products that help and assist with everyday necessities, I'll try it!

The #1 product that was in my basket: L'oréal's Everstyle: Dry Shampoo! Find out more information on their site at:

Photo #1) Shows my hair on day 2 (two days after washing it). This would be the day that many wash their hair! As you can see, my hair is pretty oily, flat, and just "Blah"...

Now, this is when the Dry shampoo comes into play!

Step 1) Grab a comb and run it through your hair, to get rid of any knots! Step 2) Grab your first section of hair, and grab your can of Dry Shampoo and hold it about 6-8 inches from the roots of your hair. Step 3) Go ahead and spray! :-) Step 4) Keep grabbing sections of your hair, and spray away! (Focusing on your roots!) Step 5) You'll notice that you're getting the hang of things! This is a good thing! Keep spraying if you see area's that need it!

** Depending on your hair color, you may notice that your hair is white-ish! That's good!**

I usually let that white color sit for at least 5min, that's what is soaking up the oils in your hair!

After you wait 3-5 minutes, go ahead and grab a comb, or use your fingers, and comb though your hair! If you need to, take your fingers and lightly swift through your roots! You'll notice that there is more volume to your hair! And it smells amazing too!

From there, go ahead and style as you wish!

And BOOM! It's an instant "pick me up"! It is an amazing product! And I highly recommend everyone try it!

I plan on trying other brands so I can see if it's the brand that is fantastic, or the actual product. Who knows.. maybe i will share my results! ;-)

What brand of dry shampoo, is your favorite?!

*Disclaimer*: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. The BRAND that I am using in this post, is the brand that I've been using for a while now! The purpose of this post, is to share my experience with the PRODUCT. I am sharing my opinion about this product, in hopes that it will help and/or inspire others! I have not used any other brands who make this product, and results may vary per person. I am in no way, promising the same results that I experienced with the product or brand that I mentioned.*

~Although, I would LOVE your opinion! If you have experience with the product mentioned, please share in the comments section, which brand you use/have tried ? Were they successful? Did you run into any obstacles? If you have any recommendations, please share! Thank you!~

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Heather Lynn 09/04/2013 20:44

Thank you so much for your nice words. That means a lot! :-)
Since I wrote that post, I've tried other brands, so far... The brand I mentioned In the post is still #1!
I checked out the link you attached. That salon is beautiful! I'd love to try some products they sell there! I bet it's very nice!
Hope all is well!
-Heather Lynn

Peter 09/04/2013 06:21

Hi Heather,

Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. I loved the way you shared it.
I have been looking for a long time to get useful tips for hair care.
I got a lot of help from full service salon.

Heather Lynn 08/28/2013 15:58

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A trick of mine for those with chronic pain <3