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Hey everyone!

Many don't know this, but Early childhood education was my major in college! I also had the amazing opportunity to work with children for 7 years ( I was the group leader for pre-k - 1st grade, depending on the year). Each year, my group of 20-25 kiddo's, were just a small part of the center I worked at. Each year, the number of children enrolled would vary from 120-140 kids! Imagine having 120 kids in an elementary school's cafeteria, on a snow day(When the actual schools were closed, but we remained open at the school)! Talk about crazy! Luckily, we had enough staff (1 group leader and one assistant per group/grade), who were able to put their thinking caps on... QUICKLY... And come up with a game plan to entertain these kids (without Video games,computers,etc). Yeah... We were magicians hehe. Especially because we were not allowed to have over 100 kids in the cafeteria, so we thought of fun activities to do outside, awesome arts & crafts they could do in the Art classroom, and games they could play in the gym! From there, we would rotate, giving the kids a fun day of fun!

With all of that being said, Don't be shocked if you see posts on here involving some amazingly-fun things to do with your children all through out the year! Whether its a fun craft to do with them, educational games (for all ages), or directions to an awesome active game for kids to play together!

(That is me... After playing in a group game)

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can share a fun craft with you!

This is one of my favorites for 2 reasons! 1) I am a HUGE football fan 2) This was one of the more popular craft ideas, especially for the younger ages, that the boys would participate in! *Boys love to be active ALL the time, and there's nothing wrong with that. But there are times when we need them to "slow their roll" hehe ;-).

**Since it is now football season** .. Lets make a Football themed Wreath OR picture frame! (Yep! They have options without making you go crazy!)

Materials needed: + Template with the football outline on it. (optional- if you do not have a printer, or would like to make a football out of brown construction paper, Follow the directions below!) + A photo of your child/your family (IF you're making a picture frame!) + glue + scissors + White paper plates + construction paper in your favorite team's colors & brown for Footballs. + Paint of your favorite team colors *(Optional- depends on age and/or how much of a mess you want to make)* + any other fun decorations you'd like to use ( Glitter, stickers,etc)

What's Next?!

Well, There are 2 ways to do this football fav.! * It depends on if you're using paint or not.* 1) Trace their hand onto the construction paper, using your team colors! and cut out their hand prints. 2) Have them stick their hands in the paint, & make paint handprints on the paper. Once they've dried, go ahead and cut them out!

*Make 8-10 handprints (Depending on size)*

+ Cut out the hand prints + Glue to form a wreath around the white paper plate (after cutting the middle of the plate out. -For a Frame: keep the middle of the plate, and glue your photo's and graphics on it.

You can continue to decorate your wreath/frame further with photos of football players, stickers, glitter, drawings,etc!

**I couldn't find any of my examples from when I worked with children, so the example I made, is a computer version, to give you an idea of what it looks like.**



Templates/photos you can use for this activity:

I recommend this site, because I know they print out coloring pages, not just clip art:

Here are some other options! :-)

**You can find this photo, and print from**:

If you want to add some extra awesomeness to your frame and/or wreath, here is a helmet you can print out and color your teams colors on!

Which was also found on :

I also found this cool website that has all of the NFL team logos available for coloring! If you really want to customize your frame/wreath.. Print out your teams logo and place it where ever you want on it! :-) Click here:

The best part of this craft, is the versatility! You can make this for any sport, season, hobby, etc!

I hope you guys like this craft! If you all make any with your children... Please share a photo of !! Ill upload them on this post!

Now.... Who's ready for some football?! ;-)

( Hey- I'm a Patriots girl!)

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Until next time, Heather Lynn

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