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Hey everyone!

What is "My Beauty Bag"? Well, every so often, you will see posts from me that are about make up, hair, modeling, etc. Each post regarding those topics will be a part of " My Beauty Bag"!

-Modeling has been such a huge part of my life, and I'd love to share all of the things I learned through out the years!

The first items I want to share from "My Beauty Bag",is from my favorite make up company, e.l.f Cosmetics!

Below are my "Top 6 Picks" from e.l.f Cosmetics! These items (and many others) have always in my modeling bag! You can check out e.l.f cosmetics at:

As a Make up artist (MUA) and A model, I can easily say that the quality of this make up is amazing! That's not even the best part... Check out their website and look at the prices! Ive used it on many models for their photo shoots, as well as myself!

Models and photographers would ask me where the make up is from! I still use a lot of their products to this day..even though I don't leave the house often (a post on "my daily must haves" will come shortly!)

Top 6 *e.l.f* cosmetics every model, MUA, & make up lovers, Must have!

1) *My favorite product. I where it everyday* *Waterproof eyeliner pen!* (A Eyeliner Pen! Comes in multiple colors. I personally own Black & Plum) I love this because its just like using a small marker, to apply your eye liner! I'd take that over liquid eye liner (smears easily), and a pencil because your constantly needing to sharpen it. Here's a photo from a shoot of mine, where all of my make up is from e.l.f! But the eye liner pops out!

(photo shot by: Leo Heppner in Baltimore,MD for Mariner Magazine- May 2012)

2) Lip Stain! (My personal favorite is Red for photo shoots) Why? Red is a mix of sexy and classy, I wore it often in shoots. - I apply the lip stain on first, then I would put on a coat of lip stick! * This way, you don't have to worry about reapplying your lipstick every 5 min! In a photo shoot, your constantly changing your expressions (Smiling- Serious face- half smile- etc) which wears your lip stick off quickly! That is why Lip stain is a MUST!

Example of me using red lip stain:

(Photo taken by: Dave McIntosh in Baltimore,MD on the WWII John W Brown Navy ship for a classic pin up shoot!)

3) 47 piece mirrored clutch Pallet

Yeah- their pallets are amazing! ( this is just one of their choices, they have numerous pallets with a wide range of colors!) This one has it all. (It's great when you have a limit to how much you can bring) It has Eye shadow, lip gloss, blush, and different shades of foundation powder! Along with eye liner, mascara, and other goodies!

(Eye shadow, eye liner, lip stain, mascara, foundation,etc. were all from e.l.f cosmetics)

4) Make up (Mist & Set)

This stuff is awesome! Once you've finished applying all your make up, just spray your face and let it set, and you're good to go!

5) Mineral infused face primer!

I love using this for photo shoots! This primer makes your skin look fantastic on camera! It helps your make up stick around longer, smoother, and more vibrant!


6) High Def translucent powder


(Photo taken by: Dark Photo Design in Germantown, MD. Designer: Cat R. And Sunglasses from: StarStruck eyewear)

*Disclaimer*: The BRAND that I am using in this post, is a brand that I've been using for years.The purpose of this post, is to share my personal favorite products to use! I am not getting paid or receiving any compensation for this recommendation. I am sharing my opinion about this product, in hopes that it will help and/or inspire others! Thank you!

Again, check out their site at: :-)

I'd love to hear from you! Do you use e.l.f products? What are your favorites?

I'd love to see photos! Feel free to tweet me! Or FB me! My Twitter & IG: @aBlondeBabe FB:

See you all soon! :-)

- Heather Lynn

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid/sponsored post. I did NOT receive any compensation (No money or free products)for writing this post. I write about products that I love, and I love to share great products to others. Any posts that are sponsored, will say "Sponsored post" (or something similar) through out my post. Sponsored or not, I will always provide my honest opinion about a product/brand.

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