My Beauty Bag: Majic Beauty

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My Beauty Bag: Majic Beauty

Hey everyone!

If you have been following my posts and/or read my other blog,, then you know that I'm currently dealing with some health obstacles.

Having CRPS/RSD has taken over a lot of aspects in my life, at least temporarily. Standing for more than a minute, my patience isn't as good as it used to, and exhaustion is a huge factor.

When I come across beauty products that could possibly make things a little bit easier, I want to try it! It's very important for me to feel good about myself inside and out, especially when everything else is out of my control. And Make up happens to be one of those things that make me feel good!

I came across Majic Beauty on twitter and decided to check out their products!

It seems that their products are great for people on the go! Whether you travel a lot, don't have enough time in the AM before work to do your make up, etc.

As a model and MUA, my first thought was the convenience of their "Eye Majic", during a photo shoot! You're able to pack less, take up less time doing make up, and more time actually shooting!

As a person with chronic pain? These could possibly be a life savor when it comes to making yourself look "presentable", without spending a lot of time perfecting your eye make up. Those with CRPS, Arthritis,Fibro, etc. In their hands, may really benefit from Majic Beauty Make up, because you're not sitting there for 20 minutes,holding a eye shadow brush.

From what I can tell on the site, it takes a couple minutes,then BOOM! You're done, look great, and ready to go!

The one item that caught my eye on the website, was their Majic Beauty Kit. It has almost everything! All in a small kit, that you can easily carry around if needed!

The Majic kit contains:

Eye Majic™ Instant Eye Shadow Eyeliner Majic™ Eyeliner in Black Lash Majic™ Mascara in Black Lip Majic™ Lip Gloss Lipliner Majic™ Lip Liner Available shades are Golden Peach and Healthy Nude – select one or both!

(All photos are from their website, )

Have you tried any Majic Beauty Products before?? If you have, I'd love to hear from you! You can leave some love on here, tweet me at @aBlondeBabe, or chat with me on FB! :-)

Go ahead and check them out on their site!

And follow them on twitter! @majicbeautyofcl

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Love, Heather Lynn


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