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My Beauty Bag: Pin up style series! The history behind classic pin up & the 5 main aspects with a pin up style shoot!

The next few beauty blog posts are going to be apart of a "series"! "How to: Get ready for a Pin Up style shoot!" ....and the background behind Pin Up!

This particular post will give you some background behind Pin up, as well as the general aspects that go into a photo shoot, especially a pin up style shoot!

First, for all the models reading this, who are interested in getting into Pin up, I highly suggest signing up an account with! Mine is: :-)

::History lesson time!::

Pin up bloomed during WWII, the military would receive these images and hang them in lockers, in their pillow ,etc..

I was told that a lot of the reason why they loved them, is because 1) It reminded them that their is still beauty in this world (not just war) 2) It gave them something to look forward too when they got home!...Finding their lucky lady ;-)

**The following information is from my favorite Pin up website! You MUST check it out!!! They explain things more easily than I can, when It comes to history!**

"What made pin ups very popular is the women in the pictures. Pin up models are usually glamour models, actresses and fashion models. Imagine the happiness of the male population with these pictures and women, who admire most of the pin up models back in the days because some of them are icons or known personalities.

Aside from the facts written above, this can also refer to drawings, paintings and other illustrations done in emulation of photos. This term was first attested to in English in 1941. However, the practice is documented back at least to the 1890s. The images represented in pin ups could be cut out of magazines, newspapers, postcards, chromo-lithographs and many more. Most of these photos appear on calendars which are meant to be pinned up. Later, posters of pin-up girls were mass-produced.

Most of the pin ups were photos of celebrities who were considered as sex symbols.

"This began the fascination of the whole America with pin up and it gained more popularity since then.

Thanks to the artistic and clever artists that made them even more famous like Gil Elvgren and George Petty. They created some of the most memorable, finely detailed “Americana” ever produced. Where will you see their works? In calendars, magazine covers and matchbooks. These resources have become the personal view into the personal lives of the girl next door. Their popularity continuously grow and its sophistication became well-known through the 1950's.

The magazine articles that features the favorite artists that time became household names. Movies started to be produced about pin up artists and models during the World War II. In fact, most of the actresses were pinups first. For example, Marilyn Monroe. Not all of you may not know this but she was the favorite model of Earl Moran before and after she hit the big screen. A lot of known actresses back in the days have posed for pin up photos."

Again, Check this website out for more information regarding the history behind Pin up!


Now that you have A LITTLE backround... We need to get the look!

The one thing I LOVE about Pin up, is that you dont need to be 5'9, size 0....

In fact, curves are amazing in the world of Pin up! But confidence is key! You must be confident, love your body girl!

When I was exploring everything involved with pin up, I did a lot of research on my favorite icon. Ms. Marilyn Monroe, I will reference her quite often through out my blog. She is a huge inspiration of mine. The fact that she had curves, embraced them, and showed other women it's okay to have hips and a body that makes a woman beautiful. -I will actually do her make up look for you on here , as a part of the series! With "How to" photos! Marilyn had her own technique of doing her hair and make up... Which is one of my favorite things about her!

To me, there are 5 major aspects to Pin up..

1) Wardrobe- You need to know ahead of time what kind of wardrobe Pin up typically wears. If you realize your not comfortable with it, that's okay! Always stay classy. (There will be A LOT more about 1950's fashion and Pin up wardrobe in the series!)

2) Posing!

Pin up posing has it's own style. It's extremely fun, exciting, and creative! Again, this will be covered in the series, but for now, check out this website for ideas!

3) Expressions!!

There is a special trick for Pin up facial expressions! (Which I will cover in the series hehe)

4) Hair and Make up are crucial for pin up. In my opinion, its what seperates Pin up from other genres. For hair, think bobby pins, waves/curls, etc.. For Make up, think Red lipstick and eye liner! (Tutorials will be in the series!)

5) Is Research! Think of your favorite 1940's- 1950's Pin up icon! Google her name and do your research! As if you were going to pretend to be her for the day! Study her style/Fashion, posing*, expressions*, and Hair/Make up techniques. Practice. Practice. Practice! Especially on the posing & expressions! You can most likely go on and find a hair/make up tutorial on your favorite icon! Try to mimic the look as best you can! It's ok if you tweak it a little! :-)

I hope you beautiful Bella's are ready! I am going to try and post a new part of the series each day! Each post will cover one aspect, out of five, that I listed above.

If you have any requests, suggestions, ideas,etc... PLEASE leave me feed back! I would love that! Just leave a comment below :-)

Oh, and make sure you follow my blog! So you don't miss out on other posts! :-)

I'd also love to hear who your Iconic Pin up models are from the 1940's-1950's! Who knows, maybe I'll choose someone's favorite icon, to be my second make up and hair style tutorial! Just leave your fav. In the comment section!

Thank you! I look forward to sharing this series with you<3 Love, Heather Lynn


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