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Hey everyone!

How is everyone doing?! Today's post is different, I'm sharing it because today is my 26th Birthday! Woot woot! Go Scorpios! :-)

I'm OVER a quarter century now. Jeesh! ;-)

I thought it would be fun to share with those reading, my Bucket List!

There are 5 things on the list. (Except for #1, this list has been the same for years.) To some, these things may not seem like much. There are many people who have completed many of these things! ( ::Jealousy overload::) hehe.

So here it is Ladies and Gents! The Top 5 things that would "Make my dreams come true!"

Heather Lynn's Bucket List: 1) **To kick CRPS/RSD's butt** (Get into remission) *This is obviously the most important thing in my life. And the only thing that's been added*

2) **Swim with Dolphins!** (I don't care where- I'm not picky)

3) **To see the New England Patriots play in Foxboro** 🏈 ( Many do not know this, but I've never been to an NFL game. If you know me, and you didn't know that, you're probably a little shocked lol.)

#4) **See the Bruins play at The Garden!** 🏆🐻 (There is NOTHING like watching the Bruins play in Boston. The heart and dedication in that city, is unbelievable. I want to experience it first hand)

#5) **Ride on a Zamboni!**

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What makes #3 & #4 hard? ... The seats. **Due to the CRPS, being in Loud & Crowded places,as well as the cold atmosphere.. can become extremely painful because those things cause flares. Also, the risk of people running into/hitting my feet are high. If that happened, I'd most likely slam them in their face. Mainly as an instinct kinda thing)😳

-I have a feeling, the most comfortable and enjoyable way to see the Bruins play.. Is with box seating. The temp. is more controlled & less chance for people to step on me.

**Since I've *NEVER* been to an NFL game, I don't know if there are Boxes seats?/or even Handicap seats** But I feel like seats along those lines, would be the only way I'd be able to enjoy these sporting experiences that many people can do every day.(Because I wouldn't be blacking out, due to the pain)

Welp! That's it folks! Hehe. Nothing too crazy! But they are things that I want to do super duper bad!

Now that I've shared my bucket list, I'd love to hear some things on yours!

What is the craziest thing you have listed on your bucket list?

Have you had a chance to check any dreams off, that you've listed on your bucket list?!

Share! :-) Hehe. I'd LOVE to hear others dreams!! ( It is my birthday ya know! So... I'm pulling the Birthday card out! And asking you share your list on here :-) hehe. Just leave a comment on this post! I look through all comments!)

Thank you all for reading this! And I wish you all the best!

Love, Heather Lynn

Ps: If you decide you want to share your bucket list on your blog... Share it with me! Feel free to post a link in a comment (along with a message, or else ill delete it. There's too much spam out there! Can't risk it! Hehe) Twitter: @aBlondeBabe

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