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*I am a 26 year old woman who’s life went from awesome to debilitating within seconds On March 22, 2012. Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out what my “new” life has in store.

*Prior to breaking my foot (which led to me developing CRPS/RSD), I was a Published Model, Make up artist, a writer for a High fashion magazine, Brand Ambassador for many brands and clothing designers, Marketing Consultant for small businesses and Start ups, as well as other things.. Lets just say, I am a "Jill of all trades"! I was involved in all aspects of the Fashion industry, Networking is second nature, and I have a passion for helping others. Please go to www.letsrocktheribbons.com to see one of my projects!

*I started HeathersTreasure.com to share information that I learned over the years, geared towards aspiring Models, MUA’s, and others in the industry! As well as lovers of "all things Beauty", those who need beauty tips and tutorials, DYI lovers & creative individuals :-)

*I have also been sharing products, tips, and tricks that I've learned/discovered in the past year and a half, relating to my diagnosis with CRPS/RSD. (EX: My post regarding Dry shampoo, Burt's Bees lotion, etc). I have a seperate blog dedicated towards sharing my journey with CRPS, but I share any post that is beauty/lifestyle related on here as well. Speaking of my CRPS blog, please check it out at; www.hopeforyourcause.org! It was created so I could spread awareness about CRPS/RSD, as well as share what it’s like living with it. I was able to find another CRPS fighter who gets on there and shares her experiences from time to time as well! If your interested in doing the same, email me! :-)

Contact info: Email is Hope4yourcause@gmail.com

You can tweet me and find me on IG: @aBlondeBabe

FB me www.Facebook.com/HLynnMD

Tumblr: blogsbyheather.tumblr.com

And Pin me! @HLynnMD! (I am addicted to Pinterest) lol

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<3 Heather Lynn


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