About me!

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(Please be patient with me as I continue to update/ finish this site! Make sure you check out the info/details about building yourself a custom tutu for a young lady in your life!!)

Thank you all for coming to "Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin!" .This website is to feature a bunch of awesomeness!

First, if your looking for information regarding Custom Tutus.. Click here. !!

**There is a section for items that I have personally made!** -Tutus with matching hair pieces! -Wreaths made out of Tulle

- DYI projects! (tutorials)

-Fabric favs - etc!

**ALL profit made through this site, is going towards my medical treatments and health expenses**

**Items that are going up for sale, from modeling days! I have so many items that have never been used/ Worn!** -Heels -Dresses -Shorts/Pants -Etc!

**Make up & hair tutorials by a published model & a freelance MUA*

- Iconic inspirations - Natural look - Tips & Tricks! - Favorite products & why!

And! I am featuring ALL companies/individuals who have been helping me along the way! By donating products/services, as well as those who have been helping me spread the word about the online auction.

(I am still trying to collect items- if anyone is interested, please email me!) "Team OHH!" (Operation Heal Heather!) needs you! www.hopeforyourcause.org & www.gofundme.com/LRTR2013

Because of all the awesome things that I listed above, I named this site "Heathers Treasure"! Because there are many goodies in store for others to enjoy!

"Team OHH" is a fund set up to help me raise the money needed to get the treatment my CRPS... I am a "CRPS angel", fighting a debilitating disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS/RSD)that affects your sympathetic nervous system.Everything started in my right foot,after my clumsy self broke my foot,quickly spread to my other foot! As well as both of my arms! CRPS is ranked 45.5 out of 50 on the McGill pain scale, that is above amputation of a limb (40/50),Child birth (w/out medication) is a 35/50...to give you a general idea of what I'm dealing with.

Please contact me at hope4yourcause@gmail.com if you'd like to help me spread the word, donate items/services, or have any questions!

Thank you so much! Love, Heather Lynn