Custom Tutu for you!

Published by amodelsmemo

Do you have a little Princess in your life?

Does she like to dress the part, as well as act it?

In Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin, you are able to completely customize a Tutu for your infant/toddler!

You can also request a matching Hair piece; and in some cases, a t-shirt and/or onesie (not always available).

(You know TED looks amazing with the tutu heheh!)

But... It looks better on this Princess!


~Choose up to 3 colors for your custom tutu! You can also grab a matching hair clip!~

**Look at the doll below, this will help guide you in the right direction, to measure your little princess! All I need is her waist measurements, as well as the measurement from her waist, down to her knees! It's that simple! :-) **

Samples below:

*I did NOT make any of the items made out of Tulle in the above photo! I simply took them from Google images, to provide examples of themes/ideas you can choose from!*

* The Wreaths, Hair pieces, and Tutus above are only a few that I can make! The possibilities are endless!

+ Favorite sports team colors + A special little girls favorite colors! + Holiday colors! + Favorite characters (Cartoons,etc) + Anything for any occasion!

Email me if you’re interested in ordering one or more of the items I just mentioned!! - Once I receive your order, you will receive a price quote from me!

*If you’re ordering a Tutu, I will need the infant/toddlers: Age, weight, height, and waist size. Along with the colors/theme you’d like me to use!* From there, I will be able to provide a price for you! (Size, # of colors, length of Tutu, will determine the price of the Tutu). Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Make sure you check out the production time, shipping info, and Policies on the following pages!

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