Tutus-Make time and Payment

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Standard Custom Make Time is 8-12 Business Days

This is subject to change at any time, but will always be updated in this section of the site.

Business Days are Monday – Friday, please DO NOT count any weekends, postal holidays or any personal days listed on the front page into your make time. **Please remember, ALL profit made from this site, will be going towards my treatments and medical expenses.**

With that being said, there may be days that I can't work due to my health. But! this is why I make sure there is a wide "Make time" window. If something with my health does come up,and effects +2 business days, I will inform you ASAP! If my health effects a specific deadline, you will receive a percentage off. (But that is a rare situation. I will not commit to any items, if I know I have a specific treatment/health situation that would alter the regular "Make times").

 **Shipping time is additional and will vary depending on your location (please refer to our Shipping Info section for more details).

If you place an order on a Monday, the 1st FULL Business Day in our make time starts on the Tuesday.  Then count Business Days (no weekends or holidays) out 14 days, this will be the amount of time you need to allow for your CUSTOM order to be made.  Remember your order will still need to ship, for US locations standard shipping takes 3-5 full business days from when your package leaves our location to arrive at yours.  It’s always good to note your need by date in the notes area for me to ensure it will arrive by then.


I do offer limited “RUSH MAKE ” options on select custom orders.  Find the product you are wanting and check in the drop down menu to see if a RUSH MAKE option is available.

Rush Make Times are in Business Days and are for the make time ONLY, they DO NOT INCLUDE the shipping time so please be sure to figure the additional time for your item to ship from our location to yours generally US locations take 3 full business days for shipping, we do offer Express shipping options at checkout.  Please note that we do not guarantee Express shipping to arrive at your location within 1 postal business day, there are many locations throughout the US that express shipping can take 2 full postal days to arrive at.


Cancellation Policy!
**Please remember** As of now, ALL Tutus that are ordered, are 100% custom, one of a kind! You let me know exactly what you want for the young lady in your life, whether it's the colors, length, overall size,etc... It is a special order being made for you! Because of this, the cancellation policy isn't very flexible. 
If you have placed an order and I have not started to prepare the order I have no problem with following through with the cancellation. 
If it's within the first business day during the "Make time", then I have most likely not completely finished the prep/cutting (In which, the materials could most likely be used for a different Tutu) you are able to receive %50 refund back. Anything after the first day of production, I will not be able to provide a full refund. We could discuss other options, I am very understanding and reasonable! I want you to walk away happy, regardless! Make sure you contact me immediately, if you have any concerns about your order!
**As long as you contact me immediately with any changes (colors,measurements,etc), and I have not started the original Tutu, changes can be made.  
Thank you for understanding!
Average Sizes (I HIGHLY recommend you still measure your child!)

Waist Size:

To measure waist, use a soft measuring tape. Measure around your child's natural waist. Be sure to measure under clothing for the most accurate measurement. It is the customer's responsibility to determine the correct size waist measurement. 

Length: Tutu length is measured from the waist to the bottom of the Tutu. Please measure your child from her waist down to the knee.

Contact email: Hope4yourcause@gmail.com