DYI: Make up & Hair

Published by amodelsmemo


Many do not know this, but before my accident (that caused my CRPS), I did more than model in the fashion industry!

I am a freelance writer,which all started in 2010 with a high fashion magazine! Linger Magazine gave me an amazing opportunity by giving me my own monthly column, "A models memo"! I focused on interviewing others in the industry, providing them an opportunity to share their story and promote themselves! I also had the chance to do product reviews for companies in the fashion industry! I may feature a couple of those on here in the near future :-)

After modeling for 3 years, you learn ways to save money, while looking like a million bucks!

One way I saved A LOT of money, is getting my MUA certification and learning how to doing numerous hair styles for all genres!

My all time favorite? The 1950's! The women of that era were beautiful, inspirational, and iconic! My fashion role model? **Marilyn Monroe** of course!

-And she's my inspiration behind getting my MUA certification, her and the money I saved learning how to do it myself! (I actually made money too! By getting a few jobs as an MUA for professional photo shoots!)

With all of that being said, I am excited to put tutorials together, and show you the many things that I've learned over the years! And share the many products that I love (that wouldn't leave me with $2 left in the bank!)

Stay tuned! Soon,you will see why this is Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin! Who wouldn't want to find a lot of beautiful information *and items* all in one place!

Thank you! Heather Lynn