Halloween Special!

Published by amodelsmemo

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin! :-)

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This page is in dedication for a special Holiday coming up, that involves dressing up! - Who doesn't love to dress up as someone (or something else?!) *HALLOWEEN*

(I'm an angel! Hehe)

And I have a special treat for many of you!

If you order a Custom Tutu (optional: Hair piece) between now and 9/27/13, it's 20% off!! ((Date may be extended)) What does your little girl want to be for Halloween?

You name it, I can make it!

+ Does she have a favorite Disney princess? + How about a Superhero (like Super Woman!)? + How about a favorite cartoon character? + Favorite sports team (to be a cheerleader?) + Etc... The possibilities are endless!

*Make sure you email me by 9/27/13 at hope4yourcause@gmail.com!*

Make sure you leave your child's age, size, and the theme she wants! From there, I will get additional information, after discussing it!

**20% off**

For an additional $8, I will make your princess a matching Tutu for her favorite doll!

(Before fluffing the Tutu!)

( After fluffing the Tutu!)

Make sure you get your order in quickly! I am going to do this for the first 5 people who order the *Halloween Special!*

Remember, use your imagination! ;-)

Love, Heather Lynn + Hope4yourcause@gmail.com

(Got to love Halloween!) :-)