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Hey everyone!

Recently, I have realized that it is much harder to maintain a beauty blog then I originally thought(with 4-5 posts a week).

I have something called CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional pain syndrome),which has affected all aspects of my life. I don't sleep at night, so I tend to take naps through out the day (my pain is 10x worse at night). It also affects my short term memory, I have doctors appointments weekly, hospital stays, debilitating pain,etc.

With all that being said, having a chronic pain condition has made it very difficult to be the blogger I want to be, at least for the time being. (Until we start to get my pain under control)

I am not, by any means, deleting this blog..or even taking a long break.

I am just hoping those who are reading this, know that I try very hard to publish posts often, it just doesn't seem that way. In fact, I have 12 posts 1/2 way done under my drafts-I just need to add some details and make them "Publish Perfect!"

If you're a blogger, then you already know this. But for those who don't... Writing a blog post can take anywhere from 20min- 1 week (sometimes more)!

First, you write your draft -> Upload all images & add image credits/links if needed -> Proof read -> make changes -> Preview your post -> Add a feat. Image/ choose the tags/ choose the categories/ Post title/etc -> Add/Check/Edit your links *Keep in your drafts over night, check your post again the following day* if you like everything you see then... -> Publish.

*I always keep the post as a draft over night. I feel that reading the post with fresh eyes, helps you decide if any changes are needed.*

Depending on the type of post, that process can take a long time.

*Please know that I have so much knowledge I want to share with you, and I have some awesome posts coming!

If I go a while without a post, it is not intentional.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I appreciate those who are willing to stick around and see what I have in store. ;-)

Some posts that I have in my drafts (In the process of publishing):

+ Pin Up style photo shoot *Series* + 5 must haves to apply in 45secs! + Inspirational Looks: Marilyn Monroe + Inspirational Looks: Cinderella + 5 DYI gift ideas for the Holidays

.... And more!

So, there are some awesome posts brewing! Promise!

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Thank you all<3 Love, Heather Lynn

Ps: My blog, which shares what it's like to be a CRPS fighter is: www.hopeforyourcause.org! Please check it out! :-)