What is HLTB?

Published by amodelsmemo

What is HLTB? ...That is the question...

Well, Let's start with the basics. HLTB stands for Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin!

When I think of a "Treasure Bin", it's a bin full of awesome things that I love! Since this blog is full of awesome and useful information and goodies, I felt that HLTB was appropriate! :-)

Overall, HLTB is a Beauty blog, with a side of fashion/modeling/lifestyle/and even health!

I created this blog, and started to actually post content in August 2013 ( 2 months ago), because I wanted a place to be able to share my beauty/modeling/fashion knowledge!

Up until March 2012, I was very active in the fashion industry! As a published Model, Make up artist, Creative director, and a writer for a fashion magazine!

Everything came to a complete stop, within seconds. On March 22,2012 I broke my foot... No big deal right?

I wish I could say it was no big deal.... But that broken bone has changed my life forever.

I developed something called CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). You can read about my life these days, as a CRPS fighter, by clicking here! That is my blog that is dedicated towards spreading awareness and sharing my journey with CRPS.

With that being said, HLTB offers a wide variety of things. From Make up tutorials, Hair style "How to's", DYI fashion techniques, product reviews, as well as my overall favorite products that I use on a regular basis.

Since I am on a very small budget (since I am unable to work with CRPS), I don't buy the expensive beauty products. BUT! The quality of these beauty products are very important to me. It took some time, but I have found amazing products (Make up, hair & body products, etc) that are "Light wallet" friendly and good quality!

You will also notice that many posts are geared towards doing things in a "simple" and/or quick way. Which could benefit anyone! But, I think about those with CRPS and other disabilities, who can't stand for more than a minute or two...or hold onto something for a period of time.

Another thing I'd like to add, is that I am very careful about making sure the products I use, are "Cruelty free"- As in they do not use animals for product testing! For a list of Brands/Products that are "Cruelty free", Please click on "My Beauty Bunny"! Which is an amazing Beauty blog that features products and information that are Cruelty free!

Thank you for coming by to checking out HLTB!

Feel free to contact me by email anytime! At Hope4yourcause@gmail.com