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Hey everyone!

Welcome to Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin! When I think of a " Treasure Bin", I think of someone's favorite things...all in one big bin!

Heathers Treasure is a Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion/Health blog!

- I share my favorite beauty products, tips & tricks, reviews, and How to's! But, it doesn't stop there! I will be sharing DYI projects! Whether they are fashion related, Arts & Crafts for around the house, and fun activities/crafts to do with your kiddo's!

I have decided to start this blog in August, to share my experiences as a published model, freelance writer (Ive had my own column in a high fashion international magazine called Linger Magazine.) As well as a marketing consultant for small businesses & start ups. I have represented numerous companies in a positive way as a Brand Ambassador as well.

Oh..and I LOVE to try out those "DYI projects" on Pinterest,you know.. The ones that everyone on Pinterest thinks they can do.. Yeah, I try them to see if you can really "Do it yourself". Regardless of the outcomes, I will be sharing those projects as well! Hopefully to provide some inspiration ;-)

Dedication towards this blog has become a priority of mine. It gives me something to do, and keeps me busy. It's also my only way of sharing my knowledge right now, to help others. Over 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with something called CRPS/RSD, after breaking my foot in March 2012. Now, I am 1 month shy of 26, and "disabled". My blog that's dedicated towards "Life as a CRPS fighter" is! Make sure you check it out! :-)

If you would like me to write a product review, or discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact me at: And write "Product review" or "Sponsorship" in the subject. I will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours

Along with everything mentioned above, Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin offers the chance for you to make your little princess feel like one too! I have started making Custom Tutus with matching hair pieces! But don't think that I forgot about all of the princes out there! I also make superhero capes w/ matching eye masks! (For both boys and girls!) - Make sure you check out the Sizing/Ordering policy, Terms of Sale,etc. Over on the right column!

- For any questions,comments, or a price quote, email me at and put "Tutu order" or "Superhero cape order" in the subject!

Thank you all so much for coming to Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin! I hope you enjoy what I've included,and continue to include in my Treasure Bin!

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Feel free to leave me some love in the comments section! ( I'd love your feed back on my blog posts!)

Thank you! Heather Lynn

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